Tim Gearan opened the song with an absolutely gorgeous solo that highlighted his soulful approach to his instrument...every note perfectly placed along a path that traveled from soul to fingers to Telecaster to an audience mesmerized by this instrumental magic.” The Grassroots Cultural and Performing Arts

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Tim’s music was recently lauded on WGBH’s Concert Round Table conversation with Brian O’Donovan. Listen here: https://www.wgbh.org/news/arts/2019/08/14/the-bpr-summer-concert-round-table


"One of the most galvanizing performers, and versatile Americana musicians in the entire country is basically a Boston-area secret. Somerville's Tim Gearan likes it that way, and he maintains such a busy regular schedule of gigs that music fans can catch him, almost literally, any night of the week somewhere around Beantown."  

-The Patriot Ledger

"Gearan's five albums have shaded sometimes more to one style than another, but they've all been fascinating musical journeys, and all fit nicely under the vast Americana rubric. Seeing his music compared to everyone from Randy Newman to J.J. Cale, to every aspect of The Band is no surprise. The only surprise is why Gearan isn't a major national star touring the world."

- The Patriot Ledger


"Tim Gearan is just too talented to remain a local hero."

- The Boston Globe  

"Anyone from out of town who happens to stumble into a Boston bar- be it Atwood's or Toad- when the Tim Gearan Band is playing, would immediately think this is the greatest city on earth."

 - The Noise